The Rantings and Musings of Bird

Notes on my metamorphosis into a Japanese fangirl

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Avid fangirl of anything Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese (mostly the eye candy, TV, and music), an occasional connoisseur of English-language TV and lover of anything historical. Also wishes she was artistic, but is definitely not. Occasional fanfic writer, devourer of anything political, and Sudoku addict.

Other Fandoms: Die Prinzen, Xavier Naidoo, NENA, German sitcoms, The Office, Ugly Betty, Chuck, Gossip Girl, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Harry Potter, Gemma Doyle Trilogy

Wants to visit: Istanbul, Greece, Switzerland, Vienna, the Alps, Japan, Barcelona, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, Maccu Piccu, Hawaii, New Zealand, Korea, Paris, The Hague, Denmark, Sweden, St. Petersburg, Poland, Southern Germany, China, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Scotland

Has been to: England, Wales, Venice, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Munich, Alaska